Friday, September 3, 2010

local goodness

Becca, here.

At my Aunt's suggestion, I checked out Brew Ha Ha, a local coffee shop that turns out to be only a few miles from my apartment.  I went there with her enthusiasm of their cake balls in mind.  Specifically, their carrot cake flavor.
Unfortunatley there was no carrot cake flavor, but much more to my surprise were multiple other flavors that I would have never even imagined.  So here's a sneak peak at cake balls.  Have decided not to try them just yet, but bring them along to my sister's this weekend.  So enjoy the pictures, and go check Brew Ha Ha out!

It was tough to decide between flavors, but here's what I ended up with. 
 (Not sure how we'll split 6 among 4 of us this weekend either)

flavor: "shwedy" which is yellow cake with carmel and dark chocolate 
...& a dash of sea salt on top

flavor: banana's foster
(it was the last one left, so i'm hoping it's because everyone loved them)

flavor: cinnamon roll
(fun side note: the owner said she started this one at Mardi Gras and colored 
the sugar on top purple, green, and gold.  
Apparently people loved them so much she couldn't just make them once a year!)

The other 2 are called "Number 11" which are a cheesecake ball.  Oh goodness...all I can do now is wait and admire. And practice lots of self-control to save them for later on this weekend.

Now for your turn! Go check out YOUR local coffee shops!

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