What's a Salsa & Gilmore?

  • most commonly called Becca
  • soon to be bride (come on May!)
  • soon to be LSU grad (come on May, again!)
  • soon to be an elementary teacher
  • dreams of owning bakery/coffee shop to supplement teacher salary
  • most commonly called Ally
  • recent happily married wife to Eric
  • soon to be a UK grad
  • soon to be marathon runner
  • dreams of an early retirement and baking for people 24/7

For these two, it all started with coffee cake. Blueberry coffee cake, to be exact. 
 In the summer of 2008, 
Becca (a Virginian/Louisianian) and Ally (a Kentuckian) embarked on a journey to Bellevue, Washington to work at Camp Sambica. 
They immediately bonded over their distaste for cold swimming, their love for music, and their passion for food. Throughout the summer, they could always be found indulging in something delicious, be it a slice of blueberry coffee cake (stolen from the staff kitchen), a milkshake from Sherry’s, a biscuit drowned in marionberry jelly, or simply fresh fruit from the farmers’ market. They made a commitment to become recipe buddies, and have been mailing one another recipes (and life stories) ever since. These days, we may be a bit older, wiser, and a bit less ridiculously dressed, but we still love food. 
After nearly two years of sharing our baking adventures with one another, we’ve decided to share them with you!