Tuesday, September 21, 2010

waffle maker, shwaffle maker

Becca, here.

A while ago Hannah sent me a recipe that opened my eyes to the world of the waffle maker.  Problem:  I was not the proud owner of a waffle iron.  That is until the day I turned 21!
...Isn't that what all 21 year olds get for their birthday?

So with fun food adventures in mind, picture this:
A bowl of brownie batter.  A waffle iron.

Put the two together and you have love at first "waffle"
Because who said you  only used Aunt Jemima in there?
I sure never did.


(Ally has recently inspired cinnamon butter in my life.  
She's right, it does magic on everything! Including chocolate waffles.)

1. Pick your favorite brownie recipe.
2. Skip the oven.
3. Make sure you spray the plates really well before pouring the batter in!
4. Add pour straight into the waffle maker!
5. Cook for 4-5 minutes, or until the indicator light goes off.
6. Unplug the waffle iron and let the brownies cool.  It's much easier to get them out when they aren't as hot!

7. Enjoy! & go add _______ batter to your "waffle" iron right this instant!

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  1. so glad that my taste buds got to experience this experiment!