Thursday, February 17, 2011

hearts full of "sweet" stuff

Happy day after Valentine's Day!  
Hope you enjoyed some treats over the past day or week (sometimes Holiday's can be extended if need be)
So for a little Valentine's day fun Chad and I had a little picnic with some little extra pieces of fun.

Cake balls from the previously mentioned BrewHaHa Coffee. 
Major difference between Chad and I enjoy them?  
I savor every bite and he devours in one foul chomp.
Valentine's day flavors he choose: funfetti (personal favorite so far, still in the fridge!), double chocolate, strawberry, and cookies 'n cream.  

Chad loves cheese. More than cake.  After seeing some entertaining pictures of wedding cakes make of cheese, I decided it would be funny to make my own cheese art.
Purchased his favorite cheese (Jalapeno-Cayenne Cheddar) at Whole Foods and got to work. Easy to carve...because it's...cheese. And the wax that was originally around the half circle piece was simple to re-form.  Cut two strips out of the wax & microwaved it on 15 second incriments.  Re-formed around the heart!
So there you are. My 'Funny' Valentine.

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