Sunday, February 20, 2011

a cake with an alter ego

Becca, here.

This past weekend we celebrated our dearest friend, Meredith! Whenever birthday's arrive, it's really our favorite excuse to throw a party all for them.  The theme this time: Alter Ego.
Check out my pal, Meagan's blog for details other than food :)

For the birthday cake, I knew it had to be somethin' special. What's is a cake's alter ego? 
Found my answer at 'I am baker'Love her. She just doesn't know it. 
Seeing as this will probably be the one and only time I'll actually successfully make one of her astounding cakes...I decided it needed to be shared.  
Thanks 'I am baker' for your awesome inspiration!

Check out the link above for much better step-by-step directions, please.  I'm afraid all my patience is gone after making this cake, so I'll just chat about what I did...

It's already a 'Becca' cake if you have make it using Diet Sprite or Diet 7-Up. 
I can't remember the last time I made a cake with eggs or oil. 
It's a Weight Watchers recipe that really helps this dieting bride! 

I use: 1 box of cake mix for 1 1/4 cup (or 1 can) Fresca/Diet Sprite/Diet 7-UP

I should play around with the measurements more.  I don't think the fiance or roommates would mind ;)

Meredith's all-time-favorite cake combo is white with chocolate icing.  So I compromised my need for extreme flavors and made a funfetti cake + a white cake (dyed pale orange).  I wanted pink, but alas I only had about 4 drops of red dye left.  


The hard part for a dothingsasquicklyaspossible type of gal: freeze the cakes for 6 hours. 

Yep, make sure you have time for this.  
Go about your Satruday or Sunday (or day you decide to skip class)
Then return.

I made the cakes, then used our large coffee-canister to draw a circle on a piece of poster-board, then another circle in the middle using a coffee mug.  You'll have concentric circles that will look like a target when you're done carving the cake. 

it helps to have a real sharp knife!

Now, take your cake rings (carefully!) out and alternate their layers.  I did not make a simple syrup or anything to help the layers stick (and it would have been helpful).  But, I thought icing would do the trick.  

And if you know know I love icing.

I'm the "Can I have the corner piece?" girl.  

So, needless to say I slathered this thing in chocolate icing & it was onto the party!

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, Mere!  

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