Saturday, April 10, 2010

live. love. pray. eat.

Ally, here.

Like Becca said, we both love food. And we love everything that comes with it. Grocery shopping (preferably at the farmers' market), baking, cooking, serving, sharing, and eating. For us, food isn't just something you eat. It's something you bond over. There's nothing better than a table covered in good food and surrounded by great people. And like Becca said, we're hoping to take this passion and create something really awesome one day (when we live in the same state).

So, a little about me. I grew up in a house where we constantly had friends over to visit. And my mom would always have snacks ready for our guests. I think that's where I get my love for hospitality. I know people loved coming to my house because my mom was (and continues to be) such a great hostess. Thanks, Mom.

When it comes to what I like to eat, I must say I'm a huge fan of dessert. It's just so good. Ice cream. Cookies. Brownies. Cake. Cupcakes. Goodness. We'll be making a lot of that on this blog. But I'm also becoming a pretty big fan of the healthier foods (after not eating vegetables for the first 18 years of my life), so you'll see some of that here too.

I started on this little adventure last semester where I decided to bake something new every week. I haven't exactly succeeded, but I have baked a lot of new, exciting things this year. And I'm hoping to share a lot of this food with you!

So prepare yourself for awesomeness. Because that's what you're going to get.

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