Thursday, April 1, 2010

a little beginning..

Welcome to our blog! Becca, here.

Ally & I met Summer 2008 in Bellevue, WA. We spent a lot of good weekends exploring Seattle, and I think most of our inspiration for eating, cooking, conversation came from the Public Market. If you have never been...add it to your travel list.

In case you’ve missed the ‘About us’ section, this blog is all about the joys of life…through food. Have you ever thought about how many wonderful things there are in the world? Well, Ally and I like to discover just a portion of those things through food. It’s not just about eating...but cooking, baking, and sharing it. I would be happy to cook for people the rest of my life. (And let me let you in on a little secret...Ally and I want to make that happen together, someday, somewhere).

I could not even begin to nail down my favorite things to make..because most of the time (if you know me well enough) it’s a completely made-up-mess that turns out to be worth eating.

And let me take this time to say…Thanks Mom. She’s the master of cooking concoctions. And she taught my sisters and I well...

Picking up with the favorites again...I will admit: One of my favorite foods is pizza. Cliché..I’m aware of this. But what could be better than bread and cheese? Most memories I have with the friends I am blessed to know include bread and cheese (with pesto in between of course). Simple pleasures.

And the question of “Are you a sweet or savory person?” Well, I think after a few posts on this blog you’ll discover the reason Ally & I are friends. Love of sugar. And cake. And fruit. And cake with fruit. And desserts. And chocolate. And coffee. And chocolate cake with coffee…

(And where our joint love for all things sweet began...)

So eat some cake (and whatever else makes it on the blog) with us, and let's see where this thing goes...

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